Tips on Keeping Your Appliances for Longer

Are you someone who constantly breaks things? Or someone who has that fridge for some time now and is breaking down? Here are some tips on how you can better take care of the appliances that help take care of your needs every day. 

  1. Washing Machine: Check the hose of your washer from time to time. Since your hose is your way to fill and drain some water into your washer, any leakage from your hose can possibly damage your washing machine and even cost you your apartment if a flood happens. Moreover, make sure to clean it up every time you use it, dirt build-up can cause your washer a possible damage in the future. 
  1. Refrigerator: Your fridge is an extension of the life of your food. Since you need your food to not stale the day after you did your groceries, you need to maintain the health of your refrigerator. The easiest way to check on your fridge is if the door of your fridge manages to sill stick the same way. The rubber in the doors of our fridge might not be doing its job anymore if it’s damaged, this can cause you not just a higher electricity bill for the next month but also the energy your refrigerator uses that might cause your fridge to heat up.  
  1. Dishwasher: Your dishwasher does your dishes for you so it is safe to say your dishwasher should be clean. Cleaning your dishwasher not only helps in maintaining its function and durability but also ensures that you ae eating on a clan plate. 
  1. Oven: You cook way too often but you clean very little. Clean your oven every time you’re done with your cooking. This does not only help maintain your oven but also saves your next dish from that odd smell which was the dish you made yesterday.  
  1. Vacuum Cleaner: Your vacuum cleaner needs your cleaning too. Using your vacuum cleaner every day and letting it do the cleaning for you does not excuse you on cleaning it every day as well. After using your vacuum cleaner make sure to change the bag even if you think it is still not full after a thorough house clean up. The belt of your vacuum cleaner also needs to be taken care of at least 6 months of usage. Replacing the belt of your vacuum ensures you that your vacuum will function almost like it did when you decided to purchase it. 
  1. Air Conditioner: Please, your air quality helps your health quality. /cleaning up your AC not only helps you lengthen its lifespan but also lengthen yours. Not minding your AC filters can lead to asthma and even allergies because not cleaning will cause your AC to produce poor air quality. 

I know I have said a lot of cleaning up to do but if you want your appliances to grow old with you, you need to be responsible enough in taking care of your investments. However, there can be instances that your appliances need the kind of saving you can’t provide, don’t worry, appliance repair Capetown will do the saving for you. Connect with them today and have your appliances’ health checked.