If you are an investor who believes you may be the victim of fraud, you will require an attorney who is well-versed in securities law. Apart from investors, businesses that need representation in a securities-related matter, mostly fraud allegations or a merger, also need to hire a securities lawyer to assist them. Securities law is very complex and highly technical, therefore all legal matters related to it must be handled by an experienced professional. Learn how to choose your legal representation properly.

Finding the Best Securities Attorney

If you are a company that requires the services of securities arbitration lawyers, it is best to look for an attorney at the local Chamber of Commerce or other similar organizations. You could also talk with other business owners and ask for a recommendation. You can definitely find at least one company owner that has met a lawyer experienced in securities law.

If you didn’t have any luck with finding a recommendation, check online. In order to find a good lawyer, make sure you check their websites because they actually say a lot about the attorneys that practice there. If the website has a professional design, detailed biography of the lawyers who work there, valuable information about the latest news in securities law, you have found an excellent attorney that truly cares for his customers. It is very important to find out if the potential law firm you plan to hire is informed about the latest changes in the legal area, in the same way that Chris Vernon keeps apprised of the latest news.

Specific Area of Practice

When it comes to experience, we have already pointed out that it is vital to choose a professional who has knowledge in securities law specifically, rather than a more general area such as corporate law. Other factors related to experience are also important, such as the fact whether or not the firm you want to hire has any experience representing your side of the case.

Also, if you are searching for representation for your company, find out if the legal firm you want to hire specializes in private or public companies or work with both. A corporate securities lawyer who does not have experience in your specific type of case may not be able to represent you properly. So, if you are hiring a lawyer to handle mergers, acquisitions, IPOs or sale of a business, opt only for a professional who has already successfully handled this specific type of transaction.


Lastly, before hiring someone, it is important to have a full understanding their fees and the way they charge. If more than one attorney is working on your case, find out the hourly rates of each. Many lawyers also offer a flat fee. This may be particularly helpful if you are on a tight budget. If you are looking for a company that offers a flat fee, have in mind that in some cases this may not be feasible. If you are hiring a lawyer to negotiate with another party or a merger, the services will most likely be charged hourly.