The average person in Campbelltown NSW spends around half an hour in a bathroom. The half hour includes 15 minutes for using bathroom facilities and 15 minutes for cleaning up. Some people even spend an hour in the bathroom.

Some homeowners use the bathroom for definite purposes while others use it as a way of extending their design philosophies. However, whichever camp you belong to, a bathroom may decrease or increase the value of your home.

campbelltown bathroom remodel ideas

Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you take good care of it by renovating it whenever need be. You can simply contact bathroom renovations Campbelltown to assist you in translating your renovation ideas and dreams into reality.

Renovating the bathroom is often tricky. Such a project is not only about ripping apart bathroom fixtures and fitting in new ones or demolishing the entire bathroom and building a new one.  There is more to it than just such solutions.

Renovating it to reflect your design or what you’ve seen in your friend’s house or even in the internet is the most challenging part. However, this can be made easier by hiring an expert. Here are some of the key things that you should discuss with your renovator:

Flow and Space

You might be excited about installing a new toilet or bathtub in the bathroom. If you don’t have any plans of expanding the bathroom space, then you should be careful when adding any new fixtures.

If you overlook the space, then you might fit in larger items that the space can accommodate. This will only make the space cluttered and stressful to use.




Every homeowner has a favorite color. This is very evident in interior and exterior designs of all homes. You will find that different people use different colors in their homes. The same goes with bathrooms.

When renovating, go for a color that complements or follows the existing color scheme in your home. You can also go for bolder colors to make a statement.

However, if you have plans of selling your home, then you should note that the color you choose when renovating may make or spoil a good deal. Go for a complementing or matching color if you have plans of selling your home.

Product Selection

Most homeowners find it challenging to select the right bathroom fittings. Hiring a professional renovator will be of great help when choosing fittings and fixtures.

An experienced renovator will stand a better chance of knowing where to get the best fittings that can meet your budget and design preferences.


It is essential to have a plan that outlines how the renovation process should take place. The plan should include a drawing that outlines the design you want.

All your design dreams, ideas and inputs from the contractor should be included. Planning assists in avoiding costly mistakes while renovating.

Renovating your bathroom should be a collaborative project integrating your ideas and assistance from a contractor. You should go for a renovator who can convert your ideas into a reality and within your budget. This will make the renovation project a success and increase the value of your home.