First powered engine of limousine was introduced in the year 1902. It was introduced in the Limoges, province of France. It can be observed that the word “Limousine” is derived from the names of the province Limoges.

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Did you know that a female chauffeur is sometimes referred to as a chauffeuse? Neither did we.

Everyone remembers their first time… in this case, their first ride in a limousine. Whether it was a ride to the prom or maybe even as part of a wedding party (or bachelor/ette party), the first time you settled into the back of a limo was an experience you always remember. But very few of us have ever really thought about the origin of a limousine and chauffeur ride. Here’s a quick history lesson.

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These cars were known by this name because there were two separate portions of the car. The first portion was for the driver of the car. The portion of the driver resembled the cloak hood which was worn by the people of that area.

The first change in limo was not brought up untill the year 1928. The expansion in the car was introduced by a man who lived in Arkansas. These cars were named as big band buses during this time period because they were utilized to transfer instruments, orchestras and big band leaders.

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A Brief History Of Limousines

Opinions are formed from first impressions. Arrivals, to a particular destination (whether public or private) tend to form personal opinions that endure indefinitely. No other mode of transportation promotes a better first impression than arriving in a limousine. Arriving at your destination in a striking stretch limousine says class, elegance, and style; but what (exactly) is a limousine and where did the limousine originate?

The History of the Limousine
The automotive term “limousine” refers to a luxury sedan (usually chauffeur operated). It was first used in this capacity around 1902. The word, itself is of French origin and takes its name from the hooded regional attire of the shepherds from the Limousin region of this hexagonally shaped country. The early, basic design of the limousine automobile kept the chauffeur secluded from passengers and did not provide an enclosed cock-pit area.

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With the passage of time, after the year 1930, limousine was utilized for sightseeing tours and airport transfer. Ultimately these came into use for high profile actresses and actors in Hollywood movies to transfer them to their film crew, film sets and equipment.

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Finally, cars became a status symbol for people in this way, which were only used by the most rich and famous.